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What is Flutter?

We are a mobile application that seeks to create a community that fosters safe and open dialogue exclusively among the women at the University of Georgia.


A safe space for women, Flutter was made to discuss sensitive women-related issues, from health and body to sex and dating and anywhere in between. Through our tagging mechanism, a user will be able to get help quicker from those who have experience in that sensitive area.

Open dialogue

Talking about issues can be hard in a society that points fingers and often blames victims. Flutter is a safe zone for open dialogue, and thanks to down votes, any inappropriate or detrimental comments will be erased. If someone is a bad sport and constantly gives negative responses, they will no longer be able to comment.


Using 810 and 811 numbers, this app is exclusive to the UGA community and those registered in the system as females.


Entries from day one!

Project Proposal

Due in January

Startup Wireframe

App Design

Team Contract

Who does what.

Project Book and Video

A cyber look at our project book and video!

"Blog Post"

For Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

Flutter App Beta

The barebones

Flutter Poster

For when we make the big screens.


A general timeline of this project.

  • January 8, 2015

    Our Humble Beginnings

    "You will be working with women.uga.edu!" the professors in the NMI sputtered. Our estranged team, standing anxiously and exchanging friendly glances, awaited direction or contact information, but to no avail. It was then that our brains began surging with ideas and anxiety. An open-ended project helping our own gender in a way that prevents intimidation and promotes positivity? We were on it.

  • January 15, 2011

    An Contract is Born

    Our first meeting outside of class went swimmingly as we discussed our strengths and weaknesses for the project. Crowding around a table in Jittery Joe's with each laptop charging, delegation began and friendships were forged. Each member agreed to respect and diligence, and a mutual excitement and leering worry dripped onto the keyboard in form of a team contract.

  • March 6, 2015

    It's a girl!

    And her name is Flutter. What began as a simple concept to get women talking is now a mobile web application called Flutter. We are very excited about finding a name that demonstrates our goal: to help female students early in their stages of challenges to promote a butterfly effect of positive benefits. We can't wait to continue developing it so that UGA women can be social butterflies and share, advice, and discover the circumstances of their peers!

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    Of Our

The Team

UGA women who worked on team UGA Women.

Leslie Pitts

Leslie is a Junior from Greenville, South Carolina. Aside from being a part of the New Media Institute, she is a Public Relations major, working on a minor in Communications studies. This is her fourth semester as a part of the institute and she has particularly enjoyed learning how we can use modern digital technology to better the communities in which we live. For the Capstone project, she serves as co-producer and is ultimately responsible for scheduling meetings and receiving status updates of each member. Her job is to set and keep up with deadlines to make sure that work is being done in a timely fashion. She is also in charge of logistics such as heading organization, printing and assembling of the project book and assuring readiness on presentation days. Essentially, Leslie serves as the “hands-on” management of the UGA Women team.

Lauren Meredith

A Spanish and Advertising double major from Whitemarsh Island, Lauren is lead designer and programmer for team UGA women. She will be in charge of the look and feel of our project, from designing the logo and graphics with her knowledge of Adobe software to coding the application itself. She will create the website, write the final versions of the contract and proposal, define the UX, and will compose other bits of content throughout the semester. If you need to speak to her, you'll find her at a Mac in the lab, bopping to Pavement or the Pixies, and downloading fonts.

Lindsay Brush

Lindsay is a Senior from Charlotte, North Carolina. In addition to her certificate program in the New Media Institute, she is also an Advertising major with a passion for branding and community management. Outside of the classroom, she spent her first two years in Athens as a UGA cheerleader and now works part-time as a fitness instructor at Pure Barre. For the Capstone project, she serves as co-producer and communication manager for the team. Lindsay will be in charge of corresponding with people outside of our group and she will establish a contact at the women’s center and will maintain professional emails with said individual. Through this dialogue, she will make sure that we are meeting the needs of the client and will keep both the group and the client updated with this information. Lindsay will also be in charge of progress updates between our group and the professors. She will set up meetings with any of these professionals throughout the semester as requested by the group.

Shannon Funston

As of Spring 2015, Shannon Funston is a senior working towards a Bachelors degree in Mass Media Arts , Film Minor with an emphasis in computer animation, and New Media Certificate. During her time at the University of Georgia she has produced and edited several short films such as Dead Weight, The Devil's Mirror, and The First Real Place (all of which can be found at shannonfunston.com). In addition to media deliverables, she has also produced Grady events such as the 136 Professional Seminar and the Spring 2015 Independent Study Viewing at Cine. In this project, Shannon draws from her UGA education and experience as a Creative Intern at Cartoon Network to create website content and produce a project video for the UGAwomen New Media Capstone group.

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Frequently Asked Questions

... and wildly helpful responses.

What do you plan to accomplish and how?

As the UGAwomen group, we seek to create a community fostering safe, open dialogue among the women at the University of Georgia. Our intention is to create a private platform that requires the 810 numbers of exclusively female students in order to enter.

What are your goals?

Our goals are to create a private community that establishes a safe and respectable dialogue among UGA women who share common issues and experiences.

Who is the target audience?

Our target is women who are undergraduate or graduate students at the University of Georgia.

How will UGA women achieve safe, women-only anonymity within this app?

We will create this women-only safe space by using 810#/811# privacy for access, anonymous forums, and a strict policy ensuring positive and supportive dialogue.

Why is it beneficial for every woman that attends the University of Georgia to download this app?

This app addresses a wide realm of universal topics including Career/Professional life, Sex and Dating, and Health and Body.

What happens after a women graduates or drops out of the University of Georgia?

Once a woman is flagged as a non-student, her profile will be flagged and she will no longer be able to post on the UGAwomen App.

What now? What are possibilities for the future of the UGAwomen app?

This all-women, student-only platform of communication can be applied to colleges all over the United States and beyond. It has the potential to affect women's lives all over the world.

How can I download this app IMMEDIATELY?!

Go to ugawomen.mynmi.net/app/dist.